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There are a few words/phrases many working professionals use today to buy time to escape from the work commitment. If you are one among them then throw them out of your mind and never use it again at your work.

I'll try to do this
We'll try to compelete this work
or Simply, we'll our best.
Yoda, at star wars advices to luke skywalker: Do or Do Not - There is NO TRY.

This word is a real verbal slap on the face of the other party. It means that you are avoiding or ignoring the other person's ideas or any communication.

May be &  I do not Know:
There is nothing like I don't know or may be at work. Get to know about things that matters to your work or responsibility. Don't simply say that "may be this could happen" "I don't know how to do this"

I'll get back to you: 
If someone says that they'll get back to you, then it means that they will never get back to you or simply, they don't have an intention to complete your proposed work. If you come across a person at your office says so, then clarify when will they get back and ask for time, date, day.

One person's output in another person's input. If people say that "If you do this work, then
i can complete my work". It is more like putting the blam/pressure on the other person and
not get blamed for not finising the task.

Yes, But: 
When you take any solution to your team mate or boss or anybody at office and if they "Yes, but..." it means that they don't want take your solution.

I Guess:
Don't guess anything at your work. Businesses are not run by guesstimate.

We'll See: 
This is again to buy time instead of saying a big NO. Example: If you are proposing something to start or doing something useful for the organization then always go with the data/real information that can help take decision.


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We all know that technology has changed this world drastically, but we never know or thought to what extent it has got changed. There is so much advancement and achievements in the technology that is beyond our expectations. 

Recently, I came across this video “Sixth Sense Technology” and just went speechless after watching it. Guys, we really need to thank these super cool minds for creating such a stupendous digital product that claims to carry our digital world with us where ever we go.

Watch, Enjoy and Share some love as well… 


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First of all, Many thanks to Rehana Khamdaty for telling us how to prepare mushroom masala. It takes only 15-20 minutes to prepare this tasty yummy mushroom masala. 

What you need?
1/2 kg - boiled mushrooms
25 g - onions
250 g - tomatoes
1 tsp - ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp - chilli powder
1 tsp - salt
1/2 tsp - haldi (turmeric powder)
1 tsp - coriander powder (dhania)
1 tsp - garam masala
100g - oil
A small quantity of ginger
2 tbsp - tomato ketchup

How to?

  1. Heat oil in a kadai (pan) and add onions.
  2. Saute onions till they become pink and add tomatoes and mushrooms and all spices except garam masala.
  3. Cook till the juice of tomato dries up.
  4. Then add tomato ketchup and mix thoroughly.
  5. Also add green coriander, chillies, garam masala.
  6. Mix it well...
Its Ready. Please serve it and invite me to eat :-)


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So you want to have a lean body. I understand that you have a flabby and out of shape the body and would like to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But remember one thing, "there is no gain without pain" you have to strive hard to have a lean & healthy body.  

I recently came across a wonderful article, which stresses much up on training and nutritional diets are the real secrets and work wonders for getting a lean body.

Thanks to the author for writing and publishing great tips, ideas and secret strategies on staying healthy and fit.


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I really doubt the authenticity of this news. MK Gandhi was known for this spiritual thoughts and doings, and now he’s been put under the terrible limelight of sexual experiments. Well, take a look at this article that was published in Sify. I am just reproducing this article without doing any change.

A new book on Mahatma Gandhi has delved into the intimate life of the Indian icon whose famous vow of chastity did not prevent him sleeping with naked women and conducting bizarre sex "experiments".

"Gandhi: Naked Ambition" by British historian Jad Adams sheds new light on the spiritual leader and independence hero whose spartan existence and resistance to earthly pleasures are an integral part of his popular image.

The book has been released in Britain and will be available soon in India where it is bound to make waves in a country where Gandhi's image is fiercely protected and a source of national pride.

That his attitudes to sex were censorious and unusual is well known. He wrote of his disgust at himself for having intercourse with his wife Kasturba, aged 15, when his father died in 1885.
In later life, having fathered four children, he forbade even married couples in his ashram retreats from having sex and lectured men on the need to take a cold bath when they felt lustful.
More than 60 years after Gandhi's death, Adams has gone through hundreds of pages of his writings and eyewitness accounts to build a behind-closed-doors picture of a man considered both a saint and the father of the nation in India.

"One of things you find about Gandhi is how much he wrote about sex," Adams told AFP by telephone from his home in London.

"When we look at his sexuality, what happens is that he has a perfectly normal sex life for the first part of his life, one that would be recognisable to almost anyone in the world.
"He gets married and has a family of four. But what interested me was that he made a decision that it would be a good idea to be chaste (in 1900). Six years later, he makes a vow and puts it into practice."

But contrary to the image of the abstemious Hindu ascetic, in later life Gandhi frequently bathed with nubile young women, had nude massages and often shared a bed with one or more of his followers, Adams' book said.

Adams says he has no evidence that Gandhi broke his vow of chastity with any of the women, though he was defining the idea in a rather limited way.

"He's talking about penetration. However he's defining sex so narrowly that he's ignoring a lot of activities that many people would consider sensual, if not actively sexual. "My interpretation is that he was expecting these women to try to stimulate him sexually in order that he could demonstrate his resistance."

The sister of Gandhi's secretary, Sushila Nayar, was one of the women who took part, as was his 18-year-old grandniece, Manu.

In other cases, the wives of men in his ashram were called upon to share his bed, even though they were forbidden to sleep with their husbands, leading to complaints from some of his most devoted male followers. Adams believes the "experiments" were like a game of striptease in which there was non-contact sexual activity. "He wanted to see if sex could be controlled because he felt it was such a powerful force," he said. 

Gandhi's views and activities -- he also believed in conserving his semen, which he saw as a source of spiritual energy --- did not endear him to fellow independence leader and India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

"Nehru considered them abnormal and completely distanced himself from Gandhi's behaviour," Adams said. And what of Gandhi's long-suffering wife Kasturba, whom he married when he was 13? As with his long absences abroad, his sometimes indifferent treatment of his children and frequent extreme fasts, she appears to have gone along with the chastity and sex experiments, albeit reluctantly.

"She didn't give much credit to the restrictions on eating or seemingly any of the things that he did, but she went along with them because she was a devoted and devout Hindu wife," said Adams. The author says that Gandhi's practices were commonly discussed when he was alive but after his assassination in 1948 the details were glossed over in his elevation to the stature of national icon.

"I don't think that an understanding of any individual's sexuality necessarily casts them in a poor light. To suggest it does implies a negative view of sex, which I don't have," he said. Adams is a visiting research fellow at London University and has previously written biographies of British politician Tony Benn, pioneering British feminist Emmeline Pankhurst and India's Nehru dynasty.

Found on: Sify


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You might be aware that it is not so easier to float in a swimming pool that in a sea. The reason for this is because the water in a sea is salty and therefore more dense, which makes more afloat. 

There is a lake connecting Israel and Jordan called as “Dead Sea” is very saline (salty), containing 6 ounces (265 grams) of salt per liter. This makes people float on the surface without having to swim. 

The Dead Sea is also called as “Salt Lake”.

It is 378m and the world’s deepest hyper saline lake.It is almost 8.6 times saltier than Ocean.

You cannot use this water as a support to life except for bacteria due to its rich in saline characteristic.

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Color blindness is a kind of blindness where people can see object that exist in the world but cannot identify the difference between the color of any object. For instance, the color red, green and yellow are seen as different shades of gray.

Some people may see red as green. People who suffer from this blindness may not get the driving license due to failure in color idenfication. The color blindness was first studied by John Dalton, an English chemist, and that is why color blindness is also reffered as "Daltonism" in medical terms. 

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Lazy eye is a weakness in eyes which causes one eye to move in a different direction from the other. It is also called as Squint. Some cases cab be corrected with glasses or special eye exercise can also be of help to those who suffer from squinting.

One kind of squinting called "Paralyzed squinting," causes the person to lose all sense of distance. This makes it difficult for those people to take part in some sports. It also means that it would be unsafe for them to drive car or any other vehicle.


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The first self propelled land vehicle was built in 1769 by Nicholas Cughot, a freshman. The first petrol powered car on the road designed by Gottlieh Daimler in 1887. He was a German.

Chess means 'King'. The word check mate is derived from Persian shah mat, meaning. 'The King is dead'. It is believed that chess was originated in India amongst Buddhists. They invented chess as a substitute of war because killing of one's fellow is forbidden in their religion.

Candles are very ancient. Romans bees wax candles from the earliest times. Until middle of 19th century candle making was considered an important duty of housekeeper. The procedure involved heating of a tallow, the fat of sheep or oxen, in a pot. A number of strands of twisted cotton yars, handing from a rod were dipped several times in the molen mass. They were hung up cool after each dip. When the suitable thickness of tallow covered the wick, candles were ready. Today we have candle factories. Homemade candles are also in use. The wick is still made of cotton strands. Paraffin and certain other fatty substances are used.

The word dictionary comes from Latin dictionaries meaning a collection of words. This word was first used by John Garland, an English scholar in 1225 as the title of the manuscript of Latin words to be learnt by heart. The first real English dictionary appeared in 1552. It was compiled by Richard Hulaet. Each word in this dictionary was given in English and then came the Latin translation. The book was titled Abcedarium Anglico Latinum Pro Tyrunculis – Contained 2000 words. Webster covered simpler spelling and because of this Americans write color for colour, Grapic for Graphic, etc…

We all know salt is essential in our daily food. In ancient times salt was used as part of offering when sacrifices were offered to Gods. Salt is basically a sea product. Salt was unknown to Americans and Indians until it was discovered by Europeans. The word salary comes from the word salt, because in Roman times a salarium or allowance of money for salt was given to the staff of the army. 



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 Mushrooms belong to the fungus family of plants. Unlike most plants, they do not need light to grow; in fact some mushrooms spring up overnight.

The toadstool is also a kind of mushroom, but it is poisonous and can cause death or serious illness.

This is why we have to be very careful when we pick mushrooms. It is easier to buy them from a store. If you see something that looks like mushrooms growing in a field don't pick them unless you are with someone who knows difference between mushrooms and toadstools.

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